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We love introducing people to new friends around the world. Contact us if you might be interested in joining us.

International Assist Medical Missions (IAMM)

International Assist Medical Missions (IAMM) Springfield is an all volunteer organization created for the purpose of providing medical care to indigent people around the world. We do this by partnering with local people who work with us to set up short term medical clinics. During these visits, our health care providers (physicians, midlevel providers, nurses, pharmacists and other volunteers) establish and work in a clinic which provides free diagnosis and treatment of medical problems. We are also dedicated to teaching people how to take care of themselves and provide teaching on a variety of health issues.

Even though our clinics are short term, IAMM Springfield continues to provide support through a partnership with local people even after completion of the clinic. Our new friends assist patients who are in need of further medical/surgical/specialist care. They provide transportation to specialists outside of the village. They administer medicines which we have ordered. They continue to teach people how to care for themselves. We assist by providing funds and teaching materials.

Although our work is focused on providing medical services, IAMM Springfield has a more lofty long term goal which is: CREATING FRIENDSHIP AROUND THE WORLD. Our clinic work is the background setting where friendships become firmly established. We believe that world friendship is a powerful tonic which can dissolve fear related to different cultures, faiths and politics. Therefore, our hope is that these friendships might bring us one tiny step closer to achieving world peace.

Our organization has been supported by people who share our lofty goals. Our promise to all those who support us is that we will use all of your donations for patient care. Everyone who works with us is a volunteer. Everyone who travels with us pays their own expenses. All the money that you give is used to provide care to the most needy of God’s children. Consider making IAMM Springfield one of your charitable organizations.